Wahl’s Anti- Chewing Spray is specially formulated for discouraging your pets from chewing, licking, or destroying things! Our Anti-Chewing Spray is odorless and safe to use on all surfaces! Made from all-natural ingredients while being PEG-80 free, to ensure it is safe for your pets.

Our Wahl Anti- Chewing Spray is formulated specially to discourage your pets from destroying, chewing or licking furniture or other objects. The Anti-Chew Spray used a small dose of Denatonium Benzoate which effectively discourages chewing because of the bitter taste. This spray can be used on repel pets from chewing furniture, carpet, shoe or any chewable item.

When using on leather or vinyl, wipe with a soft tissue after spraying. Safe on fabric when used as directed.


  • Before use test the product and supervise results to ensure the pet is deterred as intended.
  • 1. Spray Wahl Anti-Chewing on products which are prone for chewing.
  • 2. Re-spray as needed
  • 3. Continue use until habit is broken
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